2-In-1 High & Glider Chair for Toddlers
2-In-1 High & Glider Chair for Toddlers
2-In-1 High & Glider Chair for Toddlers
2-In-1 High & Glider Chair for Toddlers

2-In-1 High & Glider Chair for Toddlers

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Baby High Chair

Introducing our versatile Baby High Chair that is perfect for children aged 0-6 years old. This high chair is not just for meal times, but can also be transformed into a rocking chair or a cradle for nap time. Let me walk you through the key selling points that make this high chair a must-have for families in the US.

Adjustable Height for Intimate Dining

Our high chair is designed with human-centered height adjustments, allowing you and your family to enjoy mealtime together with ease. The two height settings make it easy to match with your sofa or dining table, catering to your baby's different needs as they grow. Studies have shown that family meals are vital for children's development, promoting language skills, healthier eating habits, and better academic performance.

Four Reclining Positions

With four reclining positions, your child can eat comfortably, play, or even take a nap. This flexibility ensures that your baby can enjoy mealtime and downtime in a relaxed and happy manner. Studies have shown that proper seating support is crucial for children's posture development and overall health.

Spacious Seat Cabin for Comfort

Our high chair features a wider and larger seat cabin, providing ample space for children up to six years old to sit comfortably. The three adjustable tray accommodate your child's growth stages, with a dual-tray design for separate eating and playing areas. This design promotes cleanliness and hygiene during meal times.

Skin-Friendly Soft Cover for Added Comfort

We've selected high-quality PU leather to create a skin-friendly seat cover that is soft, comfortable, and easy to clean. This ensures that your child can enjoy a cozy and pleasant seat experience during meal times.

Pyramid Design with Four-Point Support

Designed for children aged 0-4 years old, our high chair features a pyramid design with four-point support to prevent sideways tipping and ensure your child's safety. The thickened safety frame provides enhanced protection for your active toddler.

Five-Point Safety Harness for Active Toddlers

Our high chair comes with a five-point safety harness to prevent your playful child from tipping over. The dual anti-slip protection ensures a comfortable fit without restricting your child's movements, offering peace of mind for parents.

Silent Wheel Design for Easy Mobility

Featuring detachable swivel wheels, our high chair can be effortlessly transformed into a stroller for easy movement. The silent wheels provide a quiet and smooth pushing experience, ensuring that your baby stays asleep undisturbed

Multiple Mode Switching for Versatile Use

Our multi-functional high chair offers various modes for different activities, such as rocking, soothing, and feeding. By simulating the angle of a mother's embrace, our high chair provides a safe and comforting sleeping environment for your baby, allowing them to sleep soundly while you relax.

Quick Folding for Convenient Storage

Our high chair can be quickly folded for compact storage, making it ideal for small spaces. The tray can be stored without the need for disassembly, ensuring a swift and efficient storage solution for busy parents.


The multi-functional high chair exceeded my expectations, worth every penny.

Cynthia E.

Comfortable and spacious seat for my growing child, highly recommend!

Michael M.

Safety is key, loving the four-point support design.

Sylvia H.

Quick folding is a lifesaver for small spaces, thank you!

Karla D.

The design promotes healthy eating habits, so important for kids.

Diane C.