How to Assemble Baby Stroller

We know it can be hard.

Baby stroller are complex structures that requires special attention to the sequence of steps. Therefore, we've created this guide for parents to properly assemble your baby stroller. Should you have any question regarding to any step below, feel free to contact our customer service.

Basic Equipment List: *Please check all parts carefully to make sure if there is any missing or damaged parts before installation. For any missing or damaged parts, please contact our online customer service to get the help needed. In order to guarantee the service life of the product, please use it under the guidance of this instruction.

Step 1

Pull the main handle up until the sound of click is heard, which showed the frame is unfolded correctly.

Step 2

Pull the front part of the frame up and insert the metal bar into the front wheel.

Please ensure that the front wheel is properly assembled by pulling it down before use.

Step 3

Pull up the back part of the frame and insert the metal bar.

Please ensure that the rear wheel is properly assembled by pulling it outward before use.

Step 4

Insert the clamp on both sides of the seat/sleeping basket into the slot of the frame to assemble it. Press the square button to disassemble it and press the round button to adjust the angle of it.

Step 5

Assemble and Disassemble the Armrest.

Insert the armrest into the slot to assemble it; press the button to disassemble it.

Step 6

Assemble and Disassemble the Canopy.

Insert the clamp on both sides of the canopy into the slot of the seat/sleeping basket. Then pull up the zipper.

Step 7

Press the round button to adjust the handlebar height.

Step 8

Usage and adjustment of the safety belt.

Press the round button to unlock the safety belt. Lock the waist and shoulder belt as shown in the picture.

Step 9

Braking function of the rear wheel.

Step the pedal backwards to brake. 

Step 10

Folding instructions. 

Pull the folding lock up simultaneously. Press downward the product. 

Finish folding.

*Please make sure that the safety belt is without twist. Please push the extra safety belt into the belt bin after binding the infant carrier with safety belt. Make sure the car safety belt bind the infant carrier tightly. Loose car safety belt will affect safety property of the infant carrier.