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How we started

By & For Parents

HappyGira was founded by parents who struggled to raise their kids. Endless repetitive works devoured their time and energy, depriving them of quality life as young adults.

They come up with an idea to make parenting better through parent-centric designed products that saves time and hassle.

The Brand


The founders combined the words "happy" and "giraffe" to create the name HappyGira. The giraffe is a gentle and playful creature that is known for its long neck and distinctive spots, and it embodies the fun and whimsical nature of childhood.


I'm so glad I found HappyGira! As a working mom, I feel confident knowing my baby is safe while playing.


Attention to details is what made HappyGira so popular among parents.

Jennifer E.

The material is so soft and comfortable for my baby, and the design is adorable.


That's quite some ingenious designs from HappyGira!

Johnathan B.
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HappyGira Baby Playpen offers a safe play area for children, protecting them from hazards indoors and outdoors. It encourages independence and is portable for easy transport. A valuable tool for parents.

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HappyGira's 3-In-1 Baby Stroller is the the most comfortable baby carriage you'll ever own. Industry-leading suspension systems and patented cushion padding give your baby enjoyable rides on all terrains and vehicles.

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Welcome to the world of serenity and cherished closeness with our Bedside Bassinet for Newborns. Inspired by the romantic, artistic essence of Europe and tailored for the loving homes of America, this bassinet is one of the most versatile sleeping space for your baby.

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Shop Baby Onesie

Made of soft and breathable material, HappyGira Baby Onesie provides comfort and can be worn as a standalone outfit or as a layer for any weather or occasion. Cute designs add personality and fun to your baby's outfit, making for adorable photo opportunities.

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Shop Breast Pump

With an easy assembly and cleaning process, it's designed for busy mothers who value their time. Crafted with comfort in mind, it features a skin-friendly design and a powerful, yet quiet suction motor. The standable design ensures stability, and a smart illumination feature aids nighttime pumping.

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Shop Baby Lounger

The contouring nest-like shape of the baby lounger cradles your newborn, mimicking the coziness of the womb. Designed meticulously for newborns, this lounger combines safety, comfort, and convenience, ensuring your baby's first months are as serene as the night sky.

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Shop Cry Monitor

Babies communicate their needs through crying. The HappyGira Baby Cry Monitor listens for your baby's cries around the clock, notifying you instantly and sending a real-time photo to your iPhone or Apple Watch. Stay connected and informed, no matter where you are.

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