Portable Baby Playpen for Families On-The-Go
Portable Baby Playpen for Families On-The-Go
Portable Baby Playpen for Families On-The-Go
Portable Baby Playpen for Families On-The-Go
Portable Baby Playpen for Families On-The-Go
Portable Baby Playpen for Families On-The-Go

Portable Baby Playpen for Families On-The-Go

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Portable Baby Playpen

Experience the convenience of a playpen with no installation required! The large playpen collapses into a compact size, making it easy to store and perfect for small living spaces. Give your little one the freedom to explore and play without constraints, allowing them to enjoy their childhood to the fullest!

Safe for Peace of Mind

Happygira portable playpens are made of high-quality materials that have been tested for Children's Product Certificate (CPC) compliance with CPSC/ASTM standards. They are BPA-free, non-toxic, and keep your baby safe from poor quality products. Installation is quick and simple, and folding it back up is a breeze. Moms will find handling it a walk in the park!

360-Degree Visibility

The breathable mesh material allows your baby to sit, crawl, or even lie down inside the playpen while maintaining a clear view of mom from multiple angles. This feature fosters a sense of security for your little one, enabling constant interaction and supervision.

Interactive Features for Playtime Fun

Equipped with a crawl-through tunnel and an external zipper closure, the playpen gives your baby the freedom to come and go as they please while keeping them safe and secure. The additional safety features prevent accidental opening and prevent your baby from climbing out and getting hurt.

Scientifically Designed for Safety

With a height of 68cm, the playpen is designed to be the ideal safe space for babies aged 6 months to 3 years. The mesh fabric has no footholds, ensuring that your baby cannot climb out. The reinforced top horizontal bar with added sponge cushioning provides extra protection against bumps and falls.

Versatile and Sturdy Construction

Suitable for use on various surfaces such as carpets, textured floors, tiles, and concrete, the playpen remains stable and upright. The playpen is designed to withstand pushing while creating a secure and fun play area for your baby.


Introducing the HappyGira Cushion Mat, a confortable and safe foam mat designed specifically for use in HappyGira baby playpens. This cushion mat is perfect for parents who want ot create a comfortable and safe environment for their little ones to play and explore.


Our wide selection of play balls make your playpen full of joy. Choose from 10+ colors to match your kid's personality.

Size Chart

Size Height Length Width
XL 26” / 68cm 60” / 160cm 50” / 120cm
2XL 26” / 68cm 70” / 180cm 60” / 150cm
3XL 26” / 68cm 80” / 200cm 60” / 150cm
4XL 26” / 68cm 80” / 200cm 70” / 180cm


The safety features of the Happygira playpen give me peace of mind knowing my little one is secure while they play and explore.

Benjamin D.

The 360-degree visibility of the playpen allows me to keep an eye on my baby from all angles, ensuring constant interaction and supervision.

Emily T.

The versatile construction of the Happygira playpen makes it sturdy on various surfaces.

Isabella M.

I love how compact the Happygira playpen is when folded up - it's perfect for storing away when not in use.

Alexander C.

I love how easy it is to set up and pack away the Happygira Portable Baby Playpen! It's the perfect solution for small spaces.

Sophia R.