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  • Scott Mitchell

    I like that this bassinet rocks with sturdy curved legs, instead of the fragile hinges like the other two I tried before. It is more durable, and the wheels flip down in just a few seconds to stop the rocking. Overall, it feels very sturdy – I like that there is a metal frame underneath the mattress to support it, instead of just hanging from straps. Compared to other bassinets, I feel much safer putting my baby in this one.

  • Richard Ortiz

    This is one of the best purchases I made for my newborn! It’s really convenient to move around during the day to different rooms. The quality is great, very sturdy. The only thing I think it needs is an extra mattress or infant lounger.

  • Gregory Sanders

    It is sturdy enough for my nearly 2-year-old twins. It ensures their safety while I clean the house or cook. They love playing with the Velcro straps, so I had to sew them up. This company is very helpful and supportive. Very grateful for their quick response and sending a whole set of replacements!! Easy to install and use!

  • Tiffany Rodriguez

    This Happygira’s large playpen is so helpful in keeping my little boy safe and have fun while I’m doing my tasks in my house. I bought extra ocean balls and some toys to put inside to entertain my baby. Its very spacious for my kid to play inside. I also like how it’s designed with good basketball hoop and football net which are my boy’s favorite. The height is long enough to keep my angel safe while he stands and walks inside the play yard.

  • Elizabeth Ward

    For our small apartment living room, it’s just too big, so I moved it to the bedroom, put a mat on it, and then added my baby’s foam! I don’t have to worry about him walking around in the morning when he wakes up, because he can wander around while I take a nap 😄.

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