We know it can be hard.

Baby playpens are complex structures that requires special attention to the sequence of steps. Therefore, we've created this guide for parents to properly assemble your baby playpen. Should you have any question regarding to any step below, feel free to contact our customer service.

Step 1

Count Everything

Make sure that you have all the components needed for assembly. Lay them on a large flat area for visibility.

Step 2

Understand the structure

Thoroughly review the diagram and try understand the relationship among each tube. Imagine what you will need in each of the joints to connect tubes.

Step 3

Establish the base

Lay the cloth on the floor and connect the pipes and joints according to the instruction diagram.

Step 4

Raise it up

Insert vertical pipes onto the joints at the bottom.

Step 5

Finish it up

Connect the pipes on top of the playpen. Flip the cover and close the zip.